I Do Not Like River Song

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I may be among the minority of people in the WHOniverse, but I can’t deny the fact that I just don’t care for the character of River Song.  Alex Kingston is a wonderful actress and the mystery surrounding her character is highly intriguing (who River IS is a whole other essay for another day).  From the time we met her in ‘Silence in the Library’ I knew there was something I didn’t like and wasn’t able to figure out what my personal reasons were for having that opinion.  After this weekend’s series 32 premier (it’s the same show, an extended hiatus doesn’t change that) I finally think I know why.

In order to explain my thoughts, and see if you agree with me or not, let’s take a quick look at The Doctor as a character.  Not the sci-fi hub-bub that makes him a Time Lord, but the ever-constant-yet-ever-changing personality that makes him the object of our 48 year love affair with the man in the blue box.

What does he do in almost every episode or story-arc?  Aside from saving the day, righting injustices, and being awesome, he also forces himself on people.  His arrogance, his pompous attitude, and his superior knowledge consistently overpower every individual or situation he faces.  The Doctor pushes his way to the top of every situation, ahead of anyone he encounters, friend and foe alike , and keeps everyone guessing as to what is happening.  While a lucky few have spent enough time with him to either just let him work his magic and stay out of his way or figure out his plan and help him along, most people just end up standing there waiting for the situation to resolve itself, thankful that they just got their hides saved in the nick of time.

This isn’t something new.  It’s how The Doctor has always acted.  From the days of William Hartnell’s First Doctor up to the current Eleventh Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith those traits have always been there.  Always.  Even when he is surrounded by a group of friends, companions, local governments, emissaries from alien races, super computers, or just by himself, he seeks no council.  He has the upper hand even when he doesn’t seem to.  His plans depend on the people who follow him around trust him implicitly and follow his directions no matter how ludicrous they seem.  No explanation of the origin of his knowledge.  Half the time he doesn’t even say “please”.  He puts the weight of the universe on your shoulders and you better not fail.

What do we know about him?  We know he’s a renegade Time Lord, running away.  We know that he ended the Time War by removing  Gallifrey and all members of his race and the enemies they were fighting from the universe.  Those few ideas boil down to a scary description: Genocidal Cowardly Anarchist.  Our Hero!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the character, love the show and his adventures he takes us on, but he certainly isn’t the shining example of goodness he wants us all to believe he is.   

On to River Song.  Why do I not like her?  Mainly because the same things that The Doctor does to all the people he meets, the arrogance, condicending attitude, the I-know-something-you-don’t-know smugness, is exactly what we get from River. 

Wait a minute…..I like The Doctor, why wouldn’t I like two of them?  I have liked eleven of them, why not another character just like him?  I guess because I just don’t want to see my Doctor anywhere but at the front of the pack.  After 48 years, 32 series, a dozen or so special movies, eleven incarnations, an almost uncountable number of companions, books, comics,  3 spin-off series, 1 failed pilot, and a tin dog, I like my Doctor the way he is and in the position he commands.  River throws that off.  She throws ME off. 

I put myself in The Doctor’s place when I watch the show.  Now I know how all those generals, presidents, emperors, figureheads, and princesses felt on all those occasions when The Doctor muscled his way to the front of the battlefield.  Uncomfortable.  Hopefully they will justify the feeling when they resolve her character and let me continue forward with a sense of satisfaction, but right now………

I do not like River Song.

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A New Place to Be Ignored

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This is just a placeholder while I develop my OFFICIAL first post.  It’ll come in a few days after the airing of the second half of the series 6 premier of Doctor Who on BBC America.  I was going to just do part one for post one, but think I need to ramp up to my first cliffhanger.

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